21 Amazing Things To Do In Bali

There’s so much to do in Bali, that it’s hard for us to come up with just 21 amazing things. We’ve chosen only the most amazing of Bali sights and adventures for our list, which takes you straight to an ‘I simply cannot miss seeing or doing this’ journey. Each of Bali’s eight regencies is filled with such magical landscapes, historical sites, temples and spots of incredible natural beauty. Use our list to discover the very best of Bali within your travel time budget!



  1. Unique Spa Therapies

La Joya, in Jimbaran, is an amazing sea-side spa with open-air thatched roof massage parlors. The lovely riverside Tjampuhan Spa has a Jacuzzi spa set in a stone cavern. The Elephant Safari Park Lodge in Ubud is a spa set amidst acres of lush gardens and tropical forest.

  1. Unique Hotel Stays

At Mara Safari Lodge, you can literally live amidst wild creatures. Bambu Indah, Villa Seminyak and Villa Laksamana are water villas, perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Sharma Springs Bamboo House offers unbelievable luxury while Sandat Glamping Tents offers amazing camping spots.

  1. Barbershop Pub

The Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel’s BARber is a 1920s-style hidden barber shop that serves alcoholic drinks, complete with retro décor, cigar area and billiard room. The BARber bar offers daily promos such as free gin for men who’ll have a shave at the barber Boys Night Out.


Memorable Eateries!

  1. Frankenstein’s Laboratory: Have a strong stomach and willing to risk it? At this themed restaurant, you can dine with a bunch of monsters – Frankenstein included!
  2. Tsavo Lion Restaurant: This themed restaurant offers just a sheet of unbreakable glass between you and lions and other wild creatures. Sip your soup and bite into your salads while locking eyes with the wildlife looking in. We dare you.
  3. The Pirate Bay: Pirates of the Caribbean fan? If so, dine on piratic fare with pirates with real swords and swagger at the Pirate Bay. Can’t get closer to being a real pirate in this day and age, can you?
  4. Gardin Bistro: This is for those fans of fairytale shows and books. Mysterious fairytale creatures will surround you as you dine at the Gardin Bistro. Get ready to be served by elves, pixies, fairies and other cute creatures!
  5. The Cosmic Diner: If you’re a fan of time travel, dine at this simply adorable restaurant. The divine retro décor of the place takes you back several decades. Each section is decorated according to a different decade – complete with posters, cultural mementos et all.
  6. Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant: Dine at this restaurant which is located on top of a live volcano, right at the edge of a crater on Mount Batur.  This is really an active volcano, but don’t worry. We don’t expect it to blast you to the netherworld yet. Eat the divine food and enjoy the beautiful crater-lake Batur, and the absolutely romantic surroundings.
  7. Pomegranate and Sardine Restaurants: Dine in the middle of paddy fields in the ultimate escape from civilization, at two of Bali’s utterly and unbelievably unique dining places. You’ll be surrounded by stretches of rice paddy fields as far as the eye sees. The Sardine’s paddy fields are manmade, while the Pomegranate is surrounded by real paddy fields.

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  1. The Devdan Show

This is a one-of-a-kind gesture-based show that was designed by the Cirque du Soleil actors and directors. This 90-minute dance and theatrical tribute to Indonesia is absorbing, and educational. Kids will love the colorful costumes and the colorful kites on the stage.

  1. Waterbom Theme Park

This is a water park for both the old and the young. Youngsters can enjoy the snake-themed Constrictor, and older people can glide along the lazy rivers. Apart from water fun, the park has a fish spa therapy, a beauty parlor, and other luxuries.

  1. Bali Marine and Safari Park

Take your kids to watch over 60 species of wild animals at this exciting marine and safari park. There are animal and cultural shows, a bat cave, komodo dragons and more.  Step into a caged truck and travel right amidst wild creatures on the fabulous night safari!


Infinity Pools

  1. Munduk Moding Plantation Infinity Pool: Lie at the edge of this infinity pool and you’ll feel you’re part of the clouds themselves. It is one of Bali’s most amazing infinity pools, and there are several.
  2. Alila Ubud’s Infinity Pool: This is a pristine infinity pool that is nestled amidst mountain greenery, floating above dense forests and river valleys. Absolutely mind-blowing scenery.
  3. The Hanging Gardens Ubud Infinity Pool: This is a gorgeous and not-to-be missed infinity pool. Set amidst green mountains and exotic natural hanging gardens, this infinity pool is simply magnificent.
  4. Alila Uluwatu Infinity Pool: This is a great cliff-side infinity pool that beautifully reflects the clouds above. Fabulous panoramic views of the ocean from the top of the cliff.

Tipsy Unique Bars!

  1. The Bamboo Bar: You can sip a cocktail on a floating platform, paddling yourself to the bar for a refill. Howzat? Or, how about lazing on a bamboo swing with a drink in hand.
  2. The Bush Telegraph Pub: This Gothic-cathedral-styled bar has trapeze artistes who swing over your head even as you go high on drinks. Sounds fun? Want to swing on a trapeze? We warn you – there are no safety nets!
  1. Hug a honey bear: Pod Chocolate Factory and Cafe

This chocolate factory is located within an elephant camp. Take your kids to show them how cocoa beans are harvested and turned into delicious chocolate. If you dare to, try hugging one of the three honey bears that reside on the premises.

  1. Selfie Photo Opps

Looking for selfie photo opps? Visit the Sekumpul Waterfall, and the Sukawati canyons and waterfalls. Then check out the Bukit Asah Bugbug and its views of the Indian Ocean’s small islands and coral reefs. Mount Batur’s volcanic landscape at Pinggan Village is another.

10 Most Adventure Sports in Dubai

Dubai offers loads of outdoor activities and adventure sports that can stimulate your hormones, and offer adventure, thrill, and excitement. Its geographical features have made it ideal for all types of adventure sports be it on water, mountain, or plains. You can go trekking on the roughest terrain and ragged mountains, challenge the wind with sand-boarding, defy the height with bungee jumping. If you  loathe lying on the poolside sipping a cocktail, then try these 10 most adventure sports in Dubai.


Bungee Jumping

Nothing can thrill you more than bungee jumping. Though this sport has recently come to the fore, it was practiced by the African tribes since ages. Taking a nosedive from a height of 50 metres and falling down to the ground with a lightening speed is no mean feat. Moreover, the sight from the top can grip you with fear if you are tying to take the jump for the first time. This sports is for those who are not over 120 kg, below 14 years old, pregnant, or with heart ailment. Bungee jumping is definitely a scary experience and must to try to conquer fear. Rush to the Gravity Zone on Sheikh Zayed Road for the jump of your life.


Yearning for an opportunity to scream at the top of your voice? Do it at Skydive Dubai by  free-falling from a height of 4000 meters. Skydiving is very popular among visitors and is one the reason to visit Dubai. Imagine plummeting toward the ground at a speed of 210 km per hour by jumping from a window of an airplane with an instructor strapped to you. You can also videotape the action and keeping gloating over your feat. With this adventurous sport, your heartbeat will crash all the readings of the heart rate monitoring device. You will take the jump from Dubai Marina and glide above the picturesque Palm Island.

Mountain Biking

Need some pumping to your heart and muscles? Try mountain biking in Dubai. Your imagination of Dubai being a desert land will hit the rock when you trek in the Hajar Mountains in a bike. The challenging trails through the mountains will test your stamina and navigational skills. Keep your eyes on the path for a sudden steep climbs and descent with curvaceous turns. The 70 km rugged terrain starts from the eastern region of Dubai and stretches to Ras al-Khaimah. As the trails are dangerous, you will have a rendezvous with creepy creatures and carcass of wild donkeys, and mountain goats. Rent a mountain bike for this adventurous ride at Hot Cog.

Climbing and hiking

Looking to cut down the extra fat around your waist? Go for climbing and hiking. Experience the difference of walking on the landscaped pedestrian trails of Dubai Marina and the rough rocks of the Hajar Mountains the peak of which rises to 10,000 feet from the ground level. There are several routes to reach the top that are discovered by ardent climbers and hikers. But the most challenging route starts from 3,000 feet to the top. If you are not a hardcore climber, you can hone your skills by taking the hiking route of Ras Al Khaimah.

Sandboarding / Sandsurfing

Are you bored of sliding across and down the snow mountain and want to try something different? Try sandboarding or sandsurfing on the biggest dunes of the UAE. The Big Red sand dunes that are 200 – 300 meters high is ideal to drift at an amazing speed standing on the board. Feel the speed while looking at the sand rising to your knee-level as you zoom past it. The best time for sandsurfing is in the morning when the temperature is lower compared to the day.  There are a few surfers who stand on the board without any strapping to make the glide more exciting and dangerous.

Fly Boarding

Fly boarding has made water sports more romancing and thrilling.  The Fly Board is designed by Franky Zapata, a well-known name for inventions in water sports. The rider stands on the strapped board attached to a jet-ski engine with a 10m long pipe that draws water into the board. When water rushes into the board propelled by the jet-ski engine, the rider is pushed upwards. You can fly across the beautiful ocean and enjoy the canvas of the city. The diving and flying will make you feel like a  Dolphin. Head to SeaRide, Dubai for a 30-minute of adrenaline pumping session in just 300 Dhs.


Want to fly like a bird and enjoy the view from above while capturing pictures of the coastal areas of Dubai?  Make it possible with a ride in a microlight. Gliding over the lagoons, mountains, desert and green plains of Dubai in an enriching experience. You will ride the aircraft with an instructor  and even navigate the flight on your own. The 20-minute flight is best for an aerial view of Dubai.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing or windsurfing is one of the most-loved water sports as it combines speed and floating both, which spike the adrenaline. Unlike jet skiing and fly boarding, you will only use the velocity of wind to cruise ahead while standing on the board and holding the kite. You can also jump as high as 10 meters and float through the air. Take a crash-course in kite surfing in a surfing school and enjoy this water sport.


Some experiences are impossible to collect without going crazy. If you have that kind of adventure heart, then you will surely enjoy off-roading experience. There are many off-roading clubs that offer a lesson to drive a SUV on the desert. If you want to enjoy the ride simply, then be a co-passenger and let the experienced driver take the wheel and provide you a dizzying ride on the sand dunes that will make your stomach churn. Another choice to go off-roading is the rocky trails and the wadi beds that will loosen your bones.

Jet Skiing

The best way to explore the Persian Gulf is to rent a jet ski and drive the apparatus tearing up the water with a speed you are comfortable with. However, you need to hold a license to drive the jet ski as the apparatus is not that easy to handle. If you don’t want to miss the action just because you are not eligible to drive the jet ski, be a pillion rider and let the experienced rider drive it while you enjoy the speed and Dubai’s skyline.

These are the 10 most adventure sports in Dubai for you that will help you experience fear, excitement, speed and thrill all at the same time.

Visa Free Countries for Citizens of United Arab Emirates


Travelling is something that most people love. It is a thrill to pack your bags and explore a city or country unknown to you. However, travelling is not easy as one has to have a passport, buy tickets and get a visa. All this, especially the visa process, takes a lot of time and money too. Moreover, there are chances of your visa application getting rejected, and most of the time, the visa processing fee is non-refundable. Nevertheless, if you are a citizen of UAE (i.e. if you have a UAE passport), you are really lucky as there are almost 114 countries in the world which you can visit without a visa or where you can get a visa on arrival and can stay there at least for a few months. Let us take a look at the countries where Emiratis can visit without worrying about a visa.

GCC Countries

GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council includes six countries which include Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates or UAE. The citizens of UAE can visit the other countries belonging to the GCC anytime and even seek employment without the need of a tourist or work visa. In short, they can stay there indefinitely. The same applies to the citizens of the other counties. All the countries belonging to the GCC can visit each other without undergoing a visa application process.

UAE expats need to apply for a visa before travelling to any of the GCC countries. However, residents (who have been living in UAE for more than six months) who work at the level of managers, doctors or engineers need not get a visa before travelling to the GCC countries. In all other cases, it is best to apply for a visa beforehand to avoid delay at the airport. Visas including dubai tourist visa online, company sponsored business visa and family sponsored visit visa can be applied online and are easy to get too.

Schengen Visa

Schengen visa is applicable to 26 countries, 22 belonging to Europe. Moreover, from May 2015, UAE has become the first Arab country to get a Schengen visa waiver. In other words, the citizens of UAE or the Emiratis can travel to any of these 26 countries without a visa. These countries include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Malta, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Greece. UK and a few other countries of Europe are not included in this group, and UAE citizens need to get a visa to visit those countries.

UAE citizens get to stay in any of the above mentioned countries for 90 days within a 180-day period. However, this is a tourist visa which would enable the Emiratis to travel in these countries for only a period of 90 days. This is cannot be considered as a work visa. If the Emiratis wish to work in one of these countries, they need to apply for a work visa.

Visa-free Entry

Here, you would find a list of countries where UAE citizens can visit without a visa. We have divided the countries as per the number of days one can stay there without a visa.

180 Days: The countries that UAE citizens can visit and stay without a visa for 180 days are Bulgaria, Romania, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus and Panama.

4 Months: The only country which Emiratis can visit and stay for 4 months without a visa is Fiji, which is a beautiful and picturesque country in the South Pacific.

3 Months or 90 Days: The countries that UAE citizens can visit for 3 months without a visa are Bahamas, Haiti, Malaysia, Jordan, Morocco, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Tunisia, Senegal, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Macedonia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Serbia and Seychelles.  Most of these are amazing places, perfect for a vacation.

1 Month or 30 Days: Antigua and Barbuda, Brunei, Indonesia (at select ports), South Korea, Micronesia, Philippines, Singapore, Swaziland, Thailand, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are the countries that UAE citizens can visit for 30 days or a month without having a visa.


Apart from the visa-free countries, there are some countries in the world where UAE citizens would get a visa on arrival. In other words, they do not have to go through the tedious process of applying for a visa weeks or even months before travelling to the place. In case of this type of visa, you will have to pay a visa process fee.

180 Days: Armenia is the country where Emiratis would get a visa on arrival for 180 days. They would require waiting in a queue after landing in Armenia to get a visa.

3 Months or 90 days: Burundi, Senegal, Yemen, Bolivia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Nicargua, Madagascar, Marshall Islands and Nepal are the countries that you will receive visa on arrival for 3 months or 90 days.

1 Month or 30 Days: Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Iran, Laos, Maldives, Tuvalu, Palau and Timor-Leste are countries that offer visa on arrival for 1 month or 30 days for citizens of UAE.

Some other countries that provide visa on arrival to Emiratis include Uganda, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Sudan, Mauritania, Malawi, Djibouti, Comoros and Cape Verde.

With so many countries to travel without applying for a visa, travelling for the citizens of UAE becomes really easy. However, one thing you need to note is that visa rules keep changing. Hence, it is best to consult the embassy or your travel agent to know whether you need a visa before entering a particular country. On this note, we wish you happy and safe travel!